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Top 10 Promotional Ideas for School Fundraisers

Successful fundraisers don’t just happen – they require time, planning and promotion. BiddingForGood has helped schools and nonprofits run over 29,000 online auctions, and we know that the right promotion can make all the difference. Schools are uniquely positioned to…
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Quality Item Images Inspire More Bids

There are many advantages to putting your auction online, and one of them is being able to inspire more bidding through the use of images. For example, even the best description of a great trip, doesn’t quite capture how amazing…
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What Successful Auction Chairs Do Differently

They get started early Who is thinking about their fall auction in July? The most successful auction chairs are. They know that they need to start planning now. Organizing their donor lists, writing their donor solicitation letters, and creating their…
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Why Summer Auctions Sizzle

There are a lot of things that are put on hold for the summer, but your fundraising doesn’t have to be one of them! Here are some of the top reasons that summer is a great time to have a…
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