Do The Right Thing: Corporate Social Responsibility

seedlingAs the CEO of BiddingForGood, I often get challenged on the topic of corporate social responsibility. The question is why do companies have any responsibility to anything other than making profits? Is social responsibility just a distraction? My answer has four parts;

First, it is good business. It helps attract and retain employees. It positions the company’s brand in a way most customers will value (isn’t the customer always right?). It gives the brand some substance and soul.

Second, having a higher purpose helps get you through the tough times which are inevitable, especially in a more volatile world.

Third, our company is a part of the community and we do have a responsibility to do everything reasonable to be good stewards of the planet, our people, and our local community. If the Supreme Court can rule that companies and their decision making leadership are like people and thus can make unlimited political donations then surely they also have some responsibility to make the world better.

Lastly, at the end of the day, it’s about doing the right thing. There is no rule that says any company has to be responsible. But we live in truly chaotic times and it is just the right thing.

Posted by Jon Carson.

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