Socially Responsible Consumer’s Buying Behaviors

Four isolated girls out for shopping.We often may wonder how to become better citizens and become more involved in our community.  We may also think about how we can become better shoppers, making a difference in the purchases we make.  Giving back by cause based shopping.

There is much research out there that points to consumers focusing on buying socially responsible products and who are willing to spend more on those items.

What does this mean to non-profit’s fundraising efforts?  It is a no brainer that this trend is a VERY good sign for non profit organizations. The key is to leverage these new consumer buying patterns to the fullest potential to raise more money for your cause.

Be smart.  You will need to take advantage of this growing trend by creating a space where consumers can shop while giving back to your cause.  Online auction platforms create a perfect e-commerce site where consumers can go and fulfill their shopping needs and at the same time fill their need to be socially responsible.

Here is your chance to give consumers what they want and raise more money.  Think about your online auction catalog carefully.  There is now more opportunity than ever.

The end result, consumers feel good, and you raise more money. Not bad.

Posted by Kaijsa Kurstin.

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