Help Your Bidders Have Happy Holidays!

shoppingAs the holidays approach all of our lives get busier and busier.  It can be hard to make time to get to the mall or surf the net looking for gifts for your loved ones. Whether your list is short or long, you’ve got to figure out what gifts to get and where to get them.

The holidays are a time of giving to those in need and chances are you’d love to volunteer to help a local charity or non profit.  But time often slips by and you don’t get the chance to do it.

Holiday shoppers now have a way to more easily combine finding gifts for loved ones and giving to a charity or nonprofit at the same time. They can go to and search and browse for gifts. They can browse by category and refine their searches as they go. The question then becomes “how do you get these bidders to your auction?”

During the holiday season it is especially “all about the items.” Popular items for gifts include gift cards, sports and entertainment tickets, unique experiences, trips/getaways, and electronics like iPods, iPads, and iPhones.

It’s also useful to look at your own list. What types of gifts are you looking for? Don’t forget about your own community. If your organization is a school, what’s popular with the kids? What are gifts you know your fellow parents will be hunting for? Are there gifts you’re secretly hoping you’ll get? I bet you’re not the only one!

Another useful tip is to remember to close your auction early enough in December to allow enough time to ship out items that are going to be Christmas gifts. I advise my clients to end their auction somewhere in the neighborhood of December 11th. This will ease the minds of any bidders who are nervous about getting their items in time for the holidays. Remember a lot of people will be traveling! They’ll need their gift in hand before they depart.

Finally, don’t forget to remind your bidders to share with the recipient of their gifts that a donation has been made to a good cause.

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