From Silent Auctions Going Mobile to the Best Nonprofits to Work For

app-screenshot_live-resized-600Each week, we like to recap the philanthropy stories making headlines in our Goodness in Action blog. This week’s headlines represent all facets of the philanthropy world including mobile reviving old school silent auctions, charitable contributions on the rise, the top 10 nonprofits to work for and the launch of a nonprofit helping New York City’s homeless finds jobs in a surprising way. Let’s dive in!

How mobile is reviving old school silent auctions

GigaOM spoke with our own Jon Carson (@JonCarsonB4G) this week and wrote about BiddingForGood’s new Smart Bidding technology. Reporter Ryan Kim writes, “The platform will bring BiddingForGood’s auction services into physical locations for the first time, enabling organizations to use mobile devices to jazz up traditional silent auctions and expand their reach.” BiddingForGood also hit the $150 million mark of dollars raised since we launched our online service nine years ago. To celebrate, we published an infographic that shows what you could buy with $150 million.

U.S. Charities Saw Increased Contributions in 2011

AdvisorOne reports on a new study released by Nonprofit Research Collaborative (NRC) which found that 53% of U.S. charities surveyed received more contributions in 2011 than in 2010. Even more promising, more than 70% of the organizations in the study expect to receive increased contributions in 2012. The study also found that respondents used eight of the 10 different fundraising methods studied, including direct mail, major gifts and online appeals. We hope these organizations will also add online auctions and in-room mobile bidding to raise even more funds in 2012.

Nonprofit Jobs: Top 10 Organizations To Work For

Huffington Post reports this week on the list of the best nonprofits to work compiled by The Nonprofit Times. The list ranks the top 50 nonprofits to work for using criteria including corporate culture, role satisfaction, work environment, training and development, pay and benefits, and overall employee engagement. According to Susan Springer, director of the Best Companies Group, “This particular group [nonprofit employees] is very dedicated to the mission: helping people, making a difference, whether locally, nationally or internationally. There’s something that’s intrinsically satisfying about it.” Earning the top spot for the second year in a row is the Wounded Warrior Project. Rounding out the top five are Brighton Center,, SightLife and The Alzheimer’s Association. Congratulations to all 50 nonprofits honored on this list and the employees who carry out their missions.

Back on My Feet Launches

The New York Daily News reports this week on the NYC launch of Back on My Feet, a nonprofit support group for the homeless that aims to build self-esteem and discipline through running. The group is piloting a partnership with hotel operator Marriott which has already hired about 16 Back on My Feet graduates in positions ranging from housekeeper to engineer. We are inspired by the great work this organization is doing and agree with founder Anne Mahlum who said, “employers appreciate the commitment it takes to faithfully do such early morning runs. If someone’s disciplined enough to get up and get there on time, those are the same things you look at in an employee.”

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