BiddingForGood’s New Event Ticket Feature (Smart Ticketing)

ticket stubAt BiddingForGood, we understand what an integral part of an online auction can be for a live event. We want to help you get people to your live fundraising event and keep all your ticket sales in one place.

In a recent survey, BiddingForGood found that 86% our bidders want to purchase event tickets online. In the past, we have helped our clients take ticket orders through our site via email. However, there were some limitations. We did not collect credit card information with the order. Our clients would then have to follow up with the bidder to get their credit card number and arrange payment for the tickets. If the organization was using our partner Greater Giving or IATS to process payments, they still had to contact the bidder and process the credit cards for ticket sales separately and clients could only offer one price point for their tickets.

So, What’s New?

We have taken our ticketing functionality to the next level with “Smart Ticketing.” We now ask bidders for their credit card information so they can purchase tickets. We allow clients to create multiple price points for their tickets. For example, individual tickets, tickets for couples, or tables can now be offered. Nonprofits using Greater Giving or IATS can simply process those tickets through our site and don’t have to follow up with bidders for credit card information. For clients using the Secure Credit Card Report, they can now access the bidders’ credit card information for tickets sales from that report and don’t have to follow up with their bidders for payment either.

As part of Smart Ticketing, we have added a Live Event Info button to the homepage. Bidders can click the button to get additional information about the event and buy their tickets. Our clients can include all of their event info there along with the location of the event. This automatically generates a map that links through to Google maps to help bidders find directions. Bidders also need to register online to buy their tickets. So they’ll be all set to start bidding online and they’ll have purchased their tickets.

We have some valuable statistics from our recent survey on how the new ticket functionality (Smart Ticketing) is helping our clients raise more money:

  • Our clients sold $162,000 worth of tickets
  • The average ticket sold for $65
  • As of April 2012, 66 orgs have sold 3,949 tickets generating $297,000 of needed revenue
  • The average organization is generating another $4,500 of value off our platform from ticket sales.

If you want to learn more about how to use our new Event Ticket function (Smart Ticketing), email our Client Services Team at or call us at 866-621-0394.

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