Soccer Moms and Dads – Unite for a Cause!

Sandy Hook jerseyThe whole country was rocked by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  We all watched in horror as the story unfolded. And many many organizations have stepped up to try to do something, to show support, to help the community of Newtown and the families recover. One organization is doing something and BiddingForGood is proud to be part of the effort. Dave Clarke is the coach of the Women’s Soccer team at Quinnipiac University and he had an idea for how the worldwide soccer community could come together and do something meaningful.

Since Quinnipiac is in a neighboring community of Newtown, there are a number of Quinnipiac faculty and staff who were deeply affected by the tragedy and Dave decided to do something about it, something that he could do.  He created a program to auction off soccer jerseys from teams from all over the world with the number “26” on them.  26 was the number of people who were killed at Sandy Hook.  The proceeds of the auction will be used to establish a scholarship fund in memory of the 20 students and six teachers who died at Sandy Hook and will be dedicated in honor of Rachel Marie D’Avino, who was one of the teachers killed that day. Not only are the jerseys specific to each professional team around the world, but they are signed by their players.  The response from the Global soccer community has been nothing short of phenomenal.  Watch video here.

The US Mens and Womens National teams have contributed jerseys. Teams from Japan and the UK, from Holland and Australia, literally from every corner of the world have stepped up to show their support. Dave Clarke expects to have over 100 jerseys in the auction with an opening bid of $26. These shirts are going to be auctioned off beginning on March 14.  The auction will close on April 14 at 10:00 PM.

In a “small world”, bizarre twist in the story, when I heard from my colleagues about this auction and this effort, I remembered a day almost ten years ago when I visited Quinnipiac with my daughter who was being recruited to play soccer in college.  We actually met with Dave Clarke and I remember him well.  My daughter did not play for Quinnipiac but instead played for UVM, but who would have thought on that day that our paths would cross again in such an unlikely way.  As a die-hard soccer Mom and one who has spent countless hours on the sidelines, I know all too well the passion that people have for the game and for everything surrounding it.  This auction will no doubt touch many many people and with luck, will raise some real dollars to support this worthy cause.  Dave Clarke is hoping to do it every year as an on-going effort to continue to support the Sandy Hook community.

It is one of the very best examples of the power of combining a passion with a desire to help. We will do everything we can to promote this auction and hope that others will spread the word as well. If you are a Soccer Mom or Dad or were a player in your youth, these jerseys will be something to treasure.  We hope you will jump in and bid!

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