Mobile Bidding in Action- See the Video

mobile_bidding_phone-resized-600One of the projects that the BiddingForGood marketing team has worked on this spring is a new video showcasing our mobile bidding platform in action. We shot video at a number of events. You may have seen our previous video from last year. We thought it was time to spice it up and highlight new learnings that have come out of the hundreds of mobile bidding events that we have done.

Bidding on smart phones and tablets is the hot, new thing in fundraising auction events. Each organization that does it for the first time creates a fun and novel experience for their attendees and the results are obvious. Friends go head to head against each other bidding on their phones. If you have a very social group that attends your events, they can maintain their usual conversations without having to go back and forth to clipboards the whole night.

Close-out is another process that has been simplified and streamlined. Because bidders enter their information and credit card when they bid at the beginning of the night, the end of the night becomes much easier. Our system captures everything in simple reports, and everyone goes home happy.

The most important piece of it all is that you make more money. It’s simple math. More bidders = more money raised. By opening your auction items up to our community, you gain new supporters. And by allowing your own guests to access the auction anywhere and anytime, on any device they want, you are raising more money from your own community.

Watch the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments section!



Posted by Brian Dangelo

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