New Year, New Offerings from BiddingForGood


While the holidays seem a distant memory, this time of year is a great time for us all, individuals and companies alike, to lay out a plan for the new year.

What do we hope to accomplish this year? I am resisting using the words “new years resolutions” as I think they are tired and many people have acknowledged that they rarely stick. But this can be a time to lay out some goals and plans for the year.  It can be considered a fresh start. Whether you are planning a big spring fundraising event or laying out personal goals for the year or laying out a product roadmap for a company like ours, now’s a great time to do it.

BiddingForGood has been evolving very rapidly over the last year with a host of new products and offerings.  And the pace is only accelerating.  Our engineering team has laid out an aggressive road map of new features and new products, all designed to bring more efficiency and more success to our customers in all aspects of their fundraising.

So here is a sneak peek. Mobile bidding is being adopted by more and more savvy fundraisers and the experience for both bidders and event organizers is getting easier and more efficient. As event attendees become more accustomed to this new way to bid, with the smart phone replacing the bid sheet, events are running more and more smoothly.  The technology is no longer brand new. In fact, there are now real champions who claim they’ll never go back. We’re seeing less and less confusion and more and more acceptance of this new way to do things. And of course what matters most is that event organizers and auction chairs are raising more and often beating their goals. Now that is a worthwhile goal for the new year.

We are in the process of launching a whole new set of features for event management including table tickets, meal choice, and a smoother registration and checkout process for fundraisers. There is even now a new way to roll all of the transactions from the night into one system. We’re calling that Quick Sale.

Another very exciting development is a new set of Advertising Services. Since there is such a large, one-of-a-kind community of shoppers that visit the BiddingForGood marketplace, there are increasing opportunities to reach those folks and invite them to support your auctions. How many event planners can invite 400,000 people to their events to support their fundraising? We’re making it easier and more efficient to get in front of those people.

And of course social media has been rocking our world for several years now. With no let up in sight, this will continue to be an essential tool for all fundraisers and all businesses to share their good work with the world. We’re helping our customers do that too in very exciting ways.

We’ve got other products in the queue as well but it’s a bit early to talk about them yet. Suffice it to say, we are like a garden that continues to bloom throughout the season. We hope to delight our customers and continue to support the incredible impact that they are having on the world.

If you have ideas or suggestions for ways that we can do better and help you more, we want to hear from you. And while we don’t often tout our product offerings on this blog, it felt like the right time to do it.  We’re excited!  We’re making things happen and we look forward to working with wonderful organizations in the year ahead to help them bring home the bacon.

Happy New Year indeed.

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Posted by Perry Allison

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