Memorable Meeting Moments 2013

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Every week at BiddingForGood, the marketing team meets for a marathon meeting. If something of note happens (usually off topic!) it is recorded as a Memorable Meeting Moment (M3). For quality assurance, not every meeting has a memorable meeting moment; it is only when a good one comes up that it is recorded. They’re pretty indicative of the marketing team as a whole – demonstrating our support for each other, curiosity, creativity, and occasional silliness.

Most of the moments focus on milestones for our team, from marriages to births (and birthdays), promotions to first marketing meetings (such exciting times!). They also focus on less significant, but still noteworthy things that happen to the team. Aaron supported an event where he was only allowed to use ladders under 8 ft. The fact that Justine’s plowmen apparently hate her mailbox. The trials and tribulations of chicken husbandry, from Perry’s and Justine’s firsthand experiences (including the unfortunate loss of many chickens to weasels in April). Perry’s and Ryan’s traumatic fish death experiences as children. Justine’s beekeeping. Ryan saving the day at a wedding by using corsage pins to salvage a broken wedding dress bustle. There was Thomas’s excitement for corduroy season and Aaron and Ed’s sartorial bromance.

An important part of every brainstorm is thinking outside the box, which frequently makes it into the moments. For example, trying to figure out how many bullet points we could fit on a bumper sticker and whether we could also fit in a mention of ticketing on our hypothetical bumper stickers. At one point, as a contingency for power outages, it was proposed that police cars serve as mobile bidding stations because of their connectivity. Clearly, more viable solutions were developed. We also had a lot of fun trying to come up with names for new products and ways to talk about our products. Bad puns were made and we were not allowed to call a piece about golf tournaments “BiddingFOREGood.” And unfortunately, neither “item ninja” nor “item bounty hunter” made it past the brainstorm stage.

We also bring our outside knowledge to the marketing meeting. When discussing infographics, we learned about the famous graphic of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, which illustrates six variables. We learned about Crossing the Chasm, which provides insights into high-tech marketing. We also learned about the power of introverts while talking about Quiet. Knowledge sharing even made it to local recommendations – apparently Hammond Castle in Gloucester is “ridiculously awesome.”

The marketing team tries to stay on top of current trends, so we discussed the “less than three thing” (<3) that is all over the internet. We discussed the meaning of baller and attempted to make “bruncheon” (breakfast+luncheon) a thing (before realizing that brunch covered that ground for us). Scandal, Game of Thrones, and Downton Abbey were our pop culture obsessions.

Over the course of 2013, the marketing team spent a lot of time meeting and working collaboratively. We almost doubled in size and passed some significant milestones, both professionally and personally. The meeting moments have become a way to record our quirks and celebrate highlights. Beyond our work, they’re representative of our team’s collective personality.

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