What a Difference a Year Makes in Mobile Bidding

I don’t know about you, but it is insanely busy these days at BiddingForGood. It’s high season for fundraisers. This means that most of you are likely somewhere in the process of throwing a big event. It also means that here in Cambridge, we are literally hopping in virtually every department in the company. We are sending out teams to help clients bring mobile bidding to their events. We are on the phones counseling clients on planning and executing successful events. Our engineers are watching our servers and are backend monitoring the load and the volume of bids that are taking place every day.

If you’re lucky enough to have your event behind you and you are in the “recovery” phase, good for you. Put your feet up and toast your fabulousness!

But as we reflect on where the market has moved in the last year, it is quite startling to see how many of our customers have taken the plunge to bring mobile bidding to their events. The early bumps and fits and starts are way behind us now. Our systems for assessing wireless connectivity have been streamlined and fine-tuned. Our conversations with folks about the requirements for setting up your venue and for preparing your guests have gotten easier and easier.

It makes sense, as we move beyond the very early and scary days, that the risks seem smaller. Many fundraisers are loathe to try something new and risk missing their fundraising goal. We certainly understand that.

But here’s the really good news. The people that matter the most, the people who support your organizations and come to your events, are now embracing this new technology. In the very early days, three years or so ago, gala attendees were sometimes resistant or a bit grumpy about trying something new. Let’s face it – some people are creatures of habit and are unhappy when they don’t see a change coming. But those days are over. We’ve gotten much smarter about preparing supporters when there will be a new element like mobile bidding at their event. And more and more folks have seen this kind of bidding in action at other events. Perhaps they’ve heard from a friend about mobile bidding at another event, who shared how novel and fun it was.

Maybe another factor is the increasing ease (or obsession) that people have with their devices. The more comfortable with smart phones and tablets they are, the more they will intuitively understand how this kind of bidding works. I wrote an entire post on this topic on another blog. I Unplugged But What Happened to Everyone Else? Read it here.

And of course at the end of the day, what matters most is how successful you, as a fundraiser, are in meeting your goals. Did you make your number? And equally importantly, did you delight your guests?

If you can say yes to both of these, then this new fangled mobile bidding thing must really be working. Read some of great success stories from organizations like the American Red Cross, ArtsWestchester, Girls in the Game and more.

Imagine what we’ll be seeing a year from now… the possibilities are endless.

Posted by Perry Allison

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