Inspire Your Team to “Be More”

There is a sign in our office that was created by our client services team. These are the folks who support our clients through thick and thin. They are the ones who set up an initial welcome call with all customers.  After that,  they  are there as a resource as customers plan their events and build their auctions. When we survey our customers or talk to them in the field, one of the first things we hear is how much they appreciate the support they have gotten from our client services team.  We hear things like- “Valeria saved me” or “I couldn’t have done it without Alice”. The kudos go on and on.  The truth is that many of our customers do just fine without us but when they need us, we are there for them.  The collective experience of this team is staggering.  Between them, they have supported thousands and thousands of auctions and events.

So it is with this background that I ponder the list.  Be Kind. Be Human. Be Lovely. Be Helpful. Be Empathetic. Be Thoughtful.  Be Available.  Be Open-minded. Be Flexible. Be Communicative. Be Creative. Be Smart.  And the punch line…. Be More.

Customer Service team's attributes

Client Services Team Sets The Bar High

I applaud the fact that our team is  talking about these important attributes and considering why they are important to our customers.  Why do these qualities  matter in a customer service organization?  Well, many of them matter in life as much as in business but let’s pull it apart a bit.

Be Human.  Who wouldn’t prefer to deal with someone who talks to you as a fellow human being, vs. a nameless, faceless voice on the other end of the phone?  To be human is to connect and to share ideas and yes, even to laugh together.  To be human is to acknowledge that life comes with challenges and sometimes we have to work our way through them.  For the most part, our conversations with our customers are very supportive and allow each side to be their gloriously imperfect human selves.  We always strive to answer questions thoroughly and to give the best information we can give.   And over the years we grow to know many of our customers personally.  This makes our interactions way more human indeed.

Be Empathetic.  I think this is one of the attributes that is most important for our business and for our success as a company.  We serve a very diverse community of fundraisers from all corners of our society.  Here’s what we know about them.  They are, to a person committed to their cause and passionate about the work their organization does in the world.  What a gift this is to us and to the world.   How fortunate we are to serve a group  of passionate, dedicated people.  Many of the employees at BiddingForGood volunteer for nonprofits or support them in one way or another.  We empathize with how hard it is to raise the funds needed to keep the doors open or to keep funding the important work.  This makes us a good partner.

Be Flexible.  This is a tricky one for some.  Some of us are naturally more flexible than others.  Some of us are comfortable with change and a landscape that is shifting. Some are creatures of habit and want to know what’s coming and when.  We often ask our team and our customers to be flexible when something unexpected happens.  Anyone who has ever run a fundraising event knows that something unexpected will happen.  How we roll with those surprises often defines us as a person, as an event planner or as a company.

Be Creative.  This is my personal favorite as creativity is something I value very highly.  Here’s where creativity helps.  It helps us come up with solutions to unexpected problems.  It helps us see things in a different way when we need to do things in a different way.  Sometimes it just  helps us laugh at ourselves and our teammates. And lastly- Be More.  What a perfect punctuation mark on the list.  Above all else- be more.  Be more attentive, more flexible, more creative, more empathetic.  Be smarter.  Be more thoughtful.  Be more. What is the list that you have for your team?  Is there something that we are missing from the list?  If so, let us hear from you.  We are always striving to be more.

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