BiddingForGood Today in 90 Seconds (Video)

In a world where decisions are often made by committee, there are always challenges in convincing your colleagues and team members to consider your ideas. Whether you are proposing a new venue or a new theme for your big fundraising event, or a new tactic for your fundraising, you will need to get your thoughts together and share them in a clear, concise way.

It was with this challenge in mind that we set out to create an “explainer” video to simply and clearly explain what we do at BiddingForGood.  This was an especially big challenge as so much has changed for us over the last year or so.  What began as a fairly straight-forward software solution to run online auctions has now become a full suite of tools for fundraising event management.  No longer are we confined to an online-only auction but now we are participating side by side with many of our clients as they plan and run elaborate fundraising galas and events.

So after several months of work creating this video, I am pleased to share it.  The process was a lot like planning a big event.  We had to settle on a set of objectives up front, a tone (or theme), and we had to ponder the details of imagery, color palette, music and more.  We had to do our very best to delight our guests- (aka- customers).

We hope you will enjoy watching it (it’s only 90 seconds) and will share with your colleagues and fellow fundraisers.

Thinking about running an online auction? Click here to learn more about the benefits of putting your auction online and working with BiddingForGood.


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