The Fundraisers Make it All Possible

iStock_000001454988_ExtraSmallI am penning this blog from a conference in Denver, Colorado. It is the PMDMC. This is an annual gathering of public broadcasting stations from across the country and really is a who’s who of that business. I am here because BiddingForGood has a number of very successful clients who are in the public media business. I am also personally a big fan of public broadcasting, a devoted listener of my local NPR station, an avid fan of Downton Abby, Nova, Masterpiece Theater and of course, Doc Martin. So for me, it is very exciting to be where so many people that make all this happen are coming together! This conference is also called the “Revenue” conference which means that many of the people who are here are in development or membership or underwriting. There are marketing folks here too and lots of station managers as well.

The first keynote address yesterday was opened up by Paula Kerger, the CEO and President of PBS. She opened by first complimenting the 1100 people in the room. She complimented them on their dedication, their passion for their work, and the incredible storytelling that they do. But then she did something quite unexpected. She reminded everyone in the room that without the development professionals, without the folks who drive the revenue for the stations, there would be no news. Without the underwriting staff and the membership staff who build relationships with local businesses and advertisers, there would be no storytelling. It has not been easy to be in this business over the last few years. Budgets are incredibly tight. The media business is getting disrupted left and right. But Ms. Kerger reminded the assembled crowd that the “revenue” people have not given up. They have continued to do the hard work that is keeping the business afloat. Of course what everyone wants is not only to survive but to thrive.

So I applaud the fundraisers in every corner of our society who are doing the hard work of helping their organizations both survive and hopefully thrive. I applaud the volunteers that help mount auctions and run events and spread the good word. There are program people on the front lines delivering on the mission of their organization, but let us never forget the “revenue” people who make it all possible. That is the community that BiddingForGood supports. These are the people that help us develop better software and provide the services that make the business of fundraising work. We are now nearing the $250 million mark on our Good-O-Meter, and we continue to celebrate all of this great work. Helping more and more fundraisers meet their goals and support their worthy causes is what we look forward to every day.

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  1. susienallen

    What a great event, Perry. Glad you are there – and thank you for the reminder to support the public broadcasting stations and their development folk. Hard work!


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