BiddingForGood’s Event Ticket Feature – Updates!

From time to time we’ll be blogging about some product specific ideas and inspiration along with our wide ranging content. This post covers some of the updates BiddingForGood has recently made to its ticketing function based on feedback from our customers. Check out our new product tour to learn more about our products.

ticket stubIt was just a little over two years ago that our ticketing feature was released! We’re happy to say that it has been highly successful and has helped our clients more easily manage and close out their events. Over the last two years, we’ve also made a number of updates and changes based on client feedback! Here’s what we heard and here’s what we did!

Auction Manager Updates:

  1. Originally bidders needed to click on a Live Event Info button to get to the page to order tickets. However, we heard from clients that bidders were having trouble figuring out where to go. So we moved the Order Tickets button front and center on the homepage to make it easier for bidders to buy their tickets.
  2. We also heard from clients that they sometimes need to ask their bidders a question when they buy a ticket. Based on that feedback, we added an option to include a question that would appear above the Comments box when a ticket was ordered.

TIP: You can set this up in the Auction Manager under Event>Sell Tickets>Text Box Label.

  1. We’ve also heard differing opinions from clients on whether or not the number of tickets remaining or number of tickets sold should be displayed. We’ve made that feature optional now, so it can be turned on or off depending on your preference

TIP: You can opt in or out of this setting in the Auction Manager under Events>Sell Tickets>Tickets Remaining and Sales End.

  1. Clients also told us it was important for them to be able to edit the thank you email bidders receive after buying tickets. We now have a way to do that. Clients can edit the Thank You Page and that content carries over to the ticket confirmation email.

TIP: You can set this up in the Auction Manager under Event>Sell Tickets>Thank you Page

  1. Another common request was a way to sell free tickets. We created a zero dollar ticket option to accommodate this.

TIP: You can set this up in the Auction Manager under Event>Sell Tickets>Create Ticket

  1. We’re also learning more and more about the importance of collecting event attendee information. The person buying the ticket may be purchasing for a group of people, and it’s helpful to know who those people are. We’ve added the ability to list the name and email address of the other people that will be attending with the ticket purchaser. That information can then be exported into an excel file.

TIP: This information can be viewed in the Auction Manager under Event>Event Attendees

We appreciate our clients’ feedback and we do use it to improve our product. If you have ideas, suggestions, or requests, please feel free to send them our way. You can email our Client Services Team at and we’ll make sure your feedback is reviewed by our Engineering Team for consideration in a future product release.

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