Let’s Celebrate $250M Raised

I’ve worked for BiddingForGood since 2006 and have seen incredible growth in more ways than one. I attended a party my first week here to celebrate our 2,000th auction run. Now we’ve run over 22,000. I attended a meeting that same year where the launch of biddingforgood.com was discussed. We were testing out whether or not there was a shopping community out there that would support our organizations; even if they had no real ties to them. Today we have over 460,000 registered bidders on the site who have helped our organizations raise $250,000,000!

As we’ve just crossed the quarter billion dollars raised by nonprofits mark, we think this is the appropriate time to recognize organizations who have run many successful auctions, raised impressive amounts of money, and mastered our best practices during their time with us. We’re inducting them into our “BiddingForGood Hall of Fame.”$250M raised

These organizations have been running auctions with us for close to a decade and have remained successful by making the most of our platform and following our best practices. These organizations built their auctions on their own strengths as well. WXXI and Nevada Public Radio have a wide reach when it comes to promotion and made the most of that while promoting their online auctions. South Beach Wine & Food Festival capitalized on an amazing event they host each year. They have a huge audience for the event who they engage to become bidders on their online auction as well.

John Thomas Dye School, Campbell Hall, and Hillsborough Schools Foundation gave families, friends, and our bidder community a new way to support education. Kimberly-Clark’s auction utilized their available inventory of essential paper products like kleenex and toilet paper, and auctioned it off to their employees. With their unique offering, they made hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit the United Way. MDA of South Texas had a wide range of price points, offering something for everyone. The category “5 Dollar Opening Bid” would catch anyone’s eye, but so did a top selling trip to Barbardos. Destination & Travel Foundation took our top performing category of unique experience to a new level with a chance to attend a private party at Elton John’s that sold for $30,000.

These organizations have been our pioneers and are a continuous testament to why organizations keep putting their auctions online. They have been with us on our ongoing journey to help nonprofits raise more money and have been part of creating a meaningful story that we are thrilled to share:

  • We reached the first $1 million in fundraising in six months.
  • We reached $50 million after five years
  • We reached $250 million total funds raised for charities in just six more years

We invite you to join us as we begin our journey to the next $250 million. With the momentum we’ve seen, it won’t be long. Whether you have been a client, a bidder, or both, we thank you for taking this journey with us and for all the good work you’ve helped to fund.

Check out all the great auctions running right now on biddingforgood.com!


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  1. Carolyn Pittman

    This is so exciting! What a wonderful testimony to “Goodness in Action”.


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