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One of my favorite theatre companies, Northern Stage, is raising much needed funds with a gala and mobile bidding on the BiddingForGood platform

One of my favorite theatre companies, Northern Stage, raised much needed funds with a gala and mobile bidding on the BiddingForGood platform

Today I reflect on what it means to go to work every day at a company that is having a meaningful impact on our world.  Many of us toil in our respective professions and many of us can point with great satisfaction to the work we do. Whether we be teachers or scientists or health professionals or Moms and Dads or CEOS of companies, there is a lot of good work going on in the world.  But here at BiddingForGood, every day we celebrate the work and the impact of thousands of nonprofits and schools who raise money on our platform for their good work.

We have just crossed a very significant milestone. We have helped raise over $250 Million for good causes. You could call it a quarter of a billion dollars, too. That has a nice ring to it. Consider the causes you care about. What does $250 Million buy? How many teacher salaries, or animals rescued or research dollars put to work to help cure diseases does $250 Million buy?   How many people with disabilities can be helped?  How many theater companies can continue to bring their art to our communities?  How many university programs and sports programs and environmental initiatives can $250 Million support? The list is long and the good causes are many.

We feel like $250 Million is a pretty big number and we sure have worked hard alongside our customers to get there. We come to work every day with a group of colleagues who are committed to building great products and giving superior service and support, who are innovating and thinking of new ways to fundraise and to expand the impact of that fundraising.  Inside BiddingForGood, there are the product specialists and there are marketers, there are customer support folks and there are finance people.  There are the engineers and the business development and sales people.. all working to support this impact. Wow. That feels good. It’s really unlike any company I’ve ever worked for. We work hard because we care.  We care about our customers and we care about their work.

So as I reflect on my working life, I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside these committed folks.  I salute our customers and our bidders who have helped us reach this milestone. I applaud our partners who have participated and been part of this impact. It’s a good day to be a working girl.

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    Your grateful’s best for poor people,and i like Charity.thanks for sharing.


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