Profile of a Type B Personality Auction Chair

inbeddogiStock_000014653579_SmallWe’re all familiar with the famous “Type A” personality profile – the ultra organized, determined to succeed, won’t take “no” for an answer firecracker who gets the job done.

But what about the “Type B” personality? Does a “go with the flow”, “just roll with it” attitude mean an auction won’t succeed?

Here’s a glimpse of what the auction journey of a Type B personality Auction Chair could look like:


Recruiting volunteers:

  1. You email or call some friends and colleagues to see if anyone might way to join in
  2. You give it a few weeks before following up with people who didn’t respond
  3. You plan to do it on your own if needed

First meeting:

  1. You spend some time getting to know each other and seeing how everyone’s doing
  2. You have a group brainstorm to decide on a project plan
  3. You agree to all work on getting items

Item solicitation:

  1. You ask volunteers to email you when they get a donation
  2. You save the emails in a folder, as they come in, in case you need to look at them later
  3. You work on item solicitation too, but plan to give donors plenty of time before you follow up


  1. You write up some emails to send out as needed
  2. You ask your volunteers to handle social media and trust they will
  3. You brainstorm ideas of how else to promote but decide to keep it simple

Next meeting:

  1. You agree to approach new donors because donations are slow coming in
  2. You reassure your stressed out volunteers that you’ll get the items you need
  3. You agree to all ask friends and family if they can donate some items

The day of your auction:

  1. You set a time to meet up with your team to set up before the auction
  2. You lay out the items in an appealing way in no particular order
  3. You agree everyone will help with closing out the auction

During your event:

  1. You make sure everyone is having fun and thank them for coming
  2. You and your team show everyone where the items are
  3. You do a reminder announcement an hour before bidding ends

Closing out:

  1. You and your team collect the bid sheets
  2. You manage the checkout line as best you can
  3. You thank everyone for their patience
  4. You agree to take payment the next day if needed

After everyone has left:

  1. You celebrate with your team for meeting your fundraising goal.
  2. You all agree to stay and clean up after a toast
  3. You tell everyone you’ll personally wrap everything up in the morning

You may not have been as exuberantly visible as other auction chairs, but you still had a successful auction. There’s more than one way to get things done.  According to wikipedia, “people with Type B personality by definition generally live at a lower stress level and typically work steadily, enjoying achievement…”  A Type B Personality Auction Chair can get the job done, too.

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