Updates and Improvements to Our Site

We recently made some updates and improvements to our site. We redesigned the front page of BiddingForGood to make the site cleaner, simpler, and most importantly, easier to use. Here are a few of the changes we made:

  • The Search bar is more prominent and now searches for auctions as well as items
  • We removed a lot of bold lettering and shadow effects. The site is easier to read and lighter on the eyes
  • Featured Items have been slimmed down to the essentials and have a new, modern feel
  • We updated how the browse function works on the site to make it more dynamic and visually interesting for bidders.
  • We gave Featured Auctions a design overhaul to better highlight the nonprofit and their items

Improvements to our site


Improvements to our site









We’ve also added a new rotating banner at the bottom of the page. Here we are striving to tell the stories of our nonprofits. We hope bidders will bid even more when they can see the difference they can make.

Improvements to our site

We hope you enjoy the new design.

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  1. Renea Metzger

    The web page is very hard to read. There is black text on a dark blue background. The images also don’t download. I wanted to bid on some things but I can’t see what I’m bidding on.
    Is there a setting I need to change?


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