Benefits of Putting Your Auction Online

Whether you choose to have a gala or not, putting more, if not all, of your auction catalog online makes a lot of sense.There many advantages to doing it.

                                                                            Save all kinds of time 

b4gBefore your event, you’re eliminating a lot of extra work by no longer having to cart all of your items to and from your venue. Limiting the number

of items that move from online to your event will generate more interest in and more bids on those items at your event. At a party, guests aren’t going to spend all of their time perusing items. You can only hold their attention for so long before they move back to socializing. By putting your auction online before the event, bidders have plenty of time to look through all the items and bid on as many as they wish. Items are available for bidding 24 x 7.

At your event, putting your auction online reduces the amount of time spent registering and checking out guests. When bidders bid online, their credit card information is already in the system. You don’t have to deal with a long line of bidders, who just want to go home, waiting to give you their credit cards at the end of the night. You don’t have to worry about making an error when you’re writing down or keying in a credit card number in the dark. Online bidding eliminates that hassle.

Saving money

piggybankSmallAlong with time, you’ll also be saving money if you put your auction online. Eliminating the venue, catering, decor, auctioneer, and print materials expense adds up to a substantial savings. If you put that money saved on top of your online auction proceeds, you are likely to have made much more than if you hadn’t put your auction online.

Making even more money

You also allow all of your supporters to bid instead of just the ones who can attend the event. Anything from not getting a babysitter to a friend’s wedding can keep a supporter away from your event. Here’s a chance to let them bid online anywhere, anytime. They can even bid from their smartphone, iPad, or any mobile device online. You’re giving everyone a chance to bid. This means more bids and more money for you.

Making it easier to spread the word

Going online also makes it easy for supporters to help you raise more money. They can easily invite their friends and family to bid. Forwarding an email, posting your url on Facebook, or tweeting about your auction is easy. And no one has to track down a postcard or letter for information about your event. It’s always right there at their fingertips to share.

Bringing in a new audience

You also have a chance to amplify your auction and open it up to a brand new audience of over 460,000 bidders. Online auctions on garner as much as 20-30% more bids from our bidder community. These new bidders may also become supporters of your organization for years to come.

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