Don’t You Just Love it When Things Come Together?

We do. That’s why we’re very excited to share some news about a new partnership that brings together our auction management platform with the constituent relationship management system from FrontStream- FrontStream CRM.

PrintAs we talk to fundraisers around the country, a frequent refrain is the challenge of bringing all of their disparate donor data together. If you use a constituent relationship management system (some folks call them donor management systems), you are tracking lots of information about your donors, large and small. But one of the ways that many of them support you is through fundraising events and auctions.

So imagine this scenario. Imagine that there is a donor, we’ll call her Madeline, who has been a regular supporter of your organization for a number of years. You can count on her to respond to your annual appeal. She consistently writes you a check for $500. Maybe she even made a larger gift in your last capital campaign. She’s not one of your major donors, but she’s also not one of your smaller donors. What you didn’t have in your database was the information about what she did in your last auction at your big annual gala. Would you be surprised to hear that she actually wrote a check for $10,000 because she bid on and won a trip for her family to go to Europe? Wow. Who knew that she had that kind of capacity or at least was willing to write that big of a check to your organization. Sure, she got a trip in the deal, but now you also know that she loves to travel with her family. Any insights that we can gather about our donors are valuable insights.

Now all of the information that you have about Madeline can come together in one place. and you are slowly but surely building a richer profile. No longer are you trying to reconcile data from various spreadsheets into one place.

BiddingForGood has always been focused on building best in class software for online auction and events. FrontStream offers a CRM (constituent relationship management) system that offers an intuitive platform to manage donors, donations, events and volunteers, as well as tools to capture fundraising insights.

It’s as delicious a combination as peanut butter and jelly. We’ll be hosting a webinar to share what it means on Tuesday, March 24th at 2:00 EST. Register here.

Here’s to having a bird’s eye view of all of the important donor data that means so much to your organization.


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