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EventbriteB4G_AmplifyOne of the things we love to evangelize at BiddingForGood is the power of amplification in fundraising. This means reaching more people than ever before and using the power of social media to invite more people to support you and help you raise more money. That is, after all, what it’s all about. So it is with great excitement that we share news of a new partnership and integration with Eventbrite.

Eventbrite is also a company that celebrates the power of amplification. They have built a spectacular company that is enabling people and organizations to bring their events to life. They work with nonprofits, with food and wine festivals, with arts organizations and even with individuals to help them host the best events ever. They boast of a colorful community of people hosting unique events around the world. Both BiddingForGood and Eventbrite bring unique features for fundraisers to the partnership from our powerful online auction tools to their ticketing and event management features.

Now that the two platforms are integrated, here’s how it will work. You will now be able to link an “auction” in BiddingForGood’s platform with an “event” inside Eventbrite’s platform. Attendee information can be synced and there are tools to identify which attendees have registered on BiddingForGood to bid in the auction. There will also be tools to create emails to encourage attendees to register to bid before the event. The integration brings the best of both platforms together for fundraisers.

“Event organizers in the nonprofit sector are always looking for powerful new fundraising tools,” said Dylan Serota, head of partnerships for Eventbrite. “The BiddingForGood integration with Eventbrite will make event management even easier for nonprofit organizations.”

Nonprofits have long understood that forging partnerships is often the best way to build capacity and accelerate growth. That strategy is a good one for companies like BiddingForGood as well. When we can come together with companies like Eventbrite, we bring the very best tools to our customers to allow them to run successful fundraising events and continue to do their good work. A partnership that’s a win/win both for us and for our customers? Now that is a winning combination.

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