Make an Amazing Auction Homepage

When a bidder visits your BiddingForGood auction site for the first time, they’ll see your homepage before they see anything else.  Your auction homepage is your first chance to make a good impression with your bidders. If you don’t make the most of it, you’re missing out on an important opportunity to communicate with them. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to do to create an effective homepage.

  • Explain on your homepage who you are, what you do, and why your auction is important. This is your opportunity to educate your bidders on why they should support you.
  • Personalize your homepage to reflect your organization’s brand. You can add your own banner and image to make your home page your own. You can set your auction colors to reflect your organization’s website to create a seamless look.
  • Make it easy for bidders to find your items. Enabling a “View All Items” button allows bidders to see your entire catalog in one click. Including a list of categories also makes browsing easy. And you can feature specific items that you want to highlight on the front of your homepage.
  • Use the features that help increase bid activity. You can enable a dollars raised feature to show bidders your fundraising progress but also to show them you still need their help. You can highlight the most popular items to generate excitement and competition.
  • Update your homepage throughout your auction to keep it dynamic and engaging. You can change your headline to keep bidders alerted to new items you’ve added and how much time they have left to bid. You can rotate your featured items to draw attention to items that haven’t received bids or you know should have more.By using all of these components together, your homepage can drive more bids to your auction. It is a chance to engage with your audience and motivate them to bid. It can even inspire bidders to become ongoing supporters of your organization.

Below is an example of a quality homepage. The mission of the organization is clearly stated, the colors match their brand, and the banner and images capture what their organization is all about. They’ve even gone the extra mile to embed a video to tell their story. They’ve also followed our best practices by turning on features to allow for easy cash donations and to display dollars raised. Using our templates and following our tips, you can have a homepage that looks just as professional and engaging as this one.
















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