A Different Kind of Customer Service

Customer service is often synonymous with bad customer service. Ask anyone about their experiences with customer service, and you’re certain to elicit an exhausted groan. A slew of memories of hours of frustration come to mind.

Buisinesswoman screaming at her lap topYou’ve definitely had a time when you needed to speak with a customer service rep. But the thought of dialing a 1-800 number, only to be faced with more frustration, wasn’t exactly ideal. Just getting to an actual person would likely be a lengthy process, let alone finding a person to speak with who could actually help you. Support phone operator in headset, isolated on white

Suppose, instead, you could pick up the phone and speak with a tech support rep who is an expert in the software you are using. Imagine your wait time is rarely more than two minutes, and oftentimes your call is picked up right away. Knowing you’ve got a knowledgeable tech support team to help you, when you need it, would be a great relief. That’s us!

You’ve probably gotten on chat with a customer service rep who had no clue what you were talking about. And who started every sentence with “unfortunately.” Once again, you were left without answers and nothing but more time wasted.

iStock_000018978126_SmallSuppose, instead, you could get on chat with experts who have the answers you need, and will help you find solutions. Imagine, you don’t have to explain yourself over and over. And the person you’re chatting with can pull up a full summary of all calls, emails, and chats associated with your account. You won’t have to hear the dreaded, “We have no record of that.” An hour of potential frustration, would turn into 10 minutes of “that was easy.” That’s us!

You’ve probably spent what seems like hours hunting around online for answers. Search results brought up nothing useful, and sent you down a rabbit hole of “user forums” with no real answers.

Suppose, instead, you had access to a Knowlegebase of FAQ’s with a search function that actually got you real answers written by experts? That’s us!

You’ve probably wished you had a customer service rep who knew you’re account inside and out. Someone who could help could guide you and offer you advice and insight you couldn’t find anywhere else. But, that seemed like an awful lot to ask and completely unrealistic.

Suppose, instead, you were assigned a customer service rep when you signed up for your account. Imagine this person scheduled a call with you, at your convenience, to talk for 30 minutes about your needs. Imagine you could create a plan together, so not only would you succeed, you would know exactly how to get the help you needed when you need it. With us, that’s exactly what you get!

We’ve got you covered with accessible online resources, tech support reps, and Auction Consultants who are experts in their fields and know how to help you.

Need help with a  question in the middle of the night? Visit our knowledgebase for fast answers.
Need a question answered in the middle of your work day? Hop on chat to get help from an expert.
Need a quick question answered and don’t have time to call? Send us an email and get an answer that business day.
Need to speak with someone about a technical question? Call our tech support line Mon-Fri 9am-8pm ET.
Need someone who can guide you, and set you up for success? Schedule a time to talk with your Auction Consultant.

If you’re considering running an online auction, set up a time to talk to us, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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