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BiddingForGood has recently passed an important milestone. Nonprofits and schools have now raised over $275,000,000 on our site. And that makes it a good time to acknowledge and thank our wonderful community of bidders. The vast majority of them (93%) say that supporting worthy causes with their purchases makes them feel good and that’s a big reason they bid on auctions. That’s just one of the things we found out when we polled them recently to find out more about who they are and why they shop on

Another important reason our bidders love to shop on is the unique items, services, and experiences they find there. While 80% said they find great deals, 90% said they find unique items and unique experiences. In fact, more respondents to our survey said “unique” is the first word that comes to mind for them when they think of us. Unique was followed closely by “friendly” and “reliable.” That made us feel good, and it’s also a reflection on the causes who run their auctions on our site.

70% of our bidders visit two or more times a month. 65% of them say they have bid more than 6 times in the last year, and 40% of the total report bidding 11 or more times a year. Many of these folks set up alerts on items, so they don’t get outbid inadvertently.

We also got a good demographic snapshot of the types of people who bid on online charity auctions. They’re pretty impressive.


Bidder Demographics 2014 Bidder Survey U.S. Population*
FEMALE 65% 50%
MALE 35% 50%
UP TO 34 Years Old 4% 27%
35 – 44 16% 13%
45 – 54 34% 15%
55 – 64 33% 12%
65+ 10% 13%
Graduated College 40% 32%
Graduate Degree 44% 11.5%
Median HH Income $125,000 $46,326
HH Net Worth 52% over $500,000 13% over $500,000

In more good news, 84% say they have recommended shopping on to a friend or colleague. That’s great for our auction organizations and explains why our community of bidders continues to grow at a rapid pace.

couple with ipadThis is a special group of people who like to shop online and support worthy causes. Approximately 90% of auctions on are open to the bidder community and for good reason. When an organization opens their online auction to our bidder community they are almost certain to get more bids – anywhere from 20% to 30% more, in fact. Think about that – instead of 1000 bids on their auction items, it would be 1200 or 1300 bids. More bids means more competition for items, and higher winning bids, and that’s what it’s all about. So big kudos to this generous group of “anonymous” supporters of so many causes – thanks for being part of the BiddingForGood story.

* U.S. Population demographics from BiddingForGood demographics from Spring 2014 Bidder Survey.

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