American Red Cross Gets Creative with Their Fundraising

Meet our newest Guest Blogger, the folks from Night Owl Interactive, who have dreamed up a very creative way for the American Red Cross to get donations of blood. At BiddingForGood, we are always looking to shine a light on organizations who are doing things in new ways around their fundraising. We also celebrate generosity. This post tells the story of a new flavor of generosity- the willingness to donate your own blood for an important cause.

Getting Creative with Fundraising

We Night Owls recently launched a new project with American Red Cross. Donating blood is both a very personal and intimidating feat for many. Hence the major blood shortage we have in the US. An increasing number of lives are dependent on blood donations every day. So how can we solve this problem? The non-profit giant approached us with a concept that would change the way that blood is collected or fundraised.

We materialized the concept of Sleeves Up. It’s a platform similar to KickStarter in a lot of ways. Instead of pledging money for an idea, people collectively pledge their very own blood together with family and friends for an important cause or campaign. The platform amplifies the fundraising of blood by leveraging people’s social network. Pledging blood together with family and friends creates a much lower barrier to perform an action because you’re in it together.

American Red Cross, BiddingForGood

Moreover, by linking blood donations to campaigns, pledgers can visually see the impact they make. The satisfying feeling of contribution becomes concrete. Unlike walking in a blood drive, doing the deed and then walking away without ever experiencing the impact you made.

It goes to show that by being creative with fundraising, you can use a plethora of effective ways to ask for donations. In this day and age of everything social, it’s important to keep in mind that this trend will change the way fundraising works. In this case, we made use of peer influence. This is only one of countless ways to creatively fundraise; it’s up to you to decide what new tactics you might try.






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