Why Summer Auctions Sizzle

jumping into lakeThere are a lot of things that are put on hold for the summer, but your fundraising doesn’t have to be one of them! Here are some of the top reasons that summer is a great time to have a fundraising event.

The field of competing fundraising events is thinned out

Some smart nonprofits, and even schools, have caught on that it’s possible to raise a lot of money over the summer. The number of organizations that raised over $20,000 in a summer auction (between June 1st and September 1st) on BiddingForGood.com rose 64% between 2012 and 2014. But, it still doesn’t compare to the number of fundraising events in March – May, which means less competition for your fundraiser

summer auctions sizzleIt’s the perfect time to get out of the ballroom

For ages, fundraising events have been run in ballrooms, and they will continue to be…BUT how about changing it up for your constituents with a less conventional venue? Get outdoors on to the golf course or the grounds of a museum. We’ve seen amazing auctions in stadiums.


It works beautifully for every cause category

It makes sense that The Environmental Institute for Golf runs two summer fundraisers annually. But we’ve seen corporations, raising money for various causes, have enormous summer auction success. Summer auctions can work for any category of school or nonprofit. From health to human services, from community service to arts and culture, online summer auctions have proven to bring out the donors.

MobileFinalBanner092613Mobile bidding makes outdoor events so easy

The smartphone has been a significant game changer in summer fundraising. Now it’s easier than ever to bring your phone to the sports field, the stadium, the park, the poolside, or the golf course. Put your auction online and bring mobile bidding to a fun new venue for a refreshing change.

Don’t rule summer out as a time of year to raise money. A summer fundraising event allows your supporters to enjoy fun in the sun while helping a great cause!

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