What Successful Auction Chairs Do Differently

successful auction chairThey get started early

Who is thinking about their fall auction in July? The most successful auction chairs are. They know that they need to start planning now. Organizing their donor lists, writing their donor solicitation letters, and creating their donor solicitation plan isn’t put off until September. They know how important it is to start early. They still relax and relish the summer months, but they make item solicitation part of their summer activities.


They always ask for help

The most successful auction chairs don’t go it alone. They know how important it is to have a great team of people helping them. They aren’t shy about asking for help either. They reach out to friends, family, and  colleagues to see who can help. They thank their volunteers and maintain good relationships with them year round, so they know they’re more likely to want to volunteer again next year.

They continually get the word out

The most successful auction chairs don’t wait until a week before their auction to spread the word. They have a promotional strategy mapped out months in advance. They use email and social media to reach as many supporters as possible. Whether it is a shout out by a local radio station or a blog post from a friend with a following, they’ll make a point to get creative about promotion.

They stay positive and proactive

The most successful auction chairs don’t sweat it if the donations aren’t rolling in and the clock is ticking. Instead they do some extra follow up, and make a plan to reach out to more donors. They might call an extra meeting and ask everyone to reach out to businesses they love and frequent. They don’t get discouraged or worried; they know they’re pros and keep moving in the right direction with the right attitude.

successful auction chairThey never stop saying thank you

The most successful auction chairs are always saying “thank you” to volunteers, donors, bidders, and anyone else who supports their cause. No matter what the kind or size of the contribution, they always show their appreciation. They know the value of “thank you”, and it’s why each year they are met with more and more success.

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