Top 10 Promotional Ideas for School Fundraisers

Top10PromoIdeas4Schools_Thumb275pxSuccessful fundraisers don’t just happen – they require time, planning and promotion. BiddingForGood has helped schools and nonprofits run over 29,000 online auctions, and we know that the right promotion can make all the difference. Schools are uniquely positioned to reach out to their parent and local communities, and we’ve compiled this list of Top 10 Promotional Ideas for School Fundraisers to help make sure you cover all the bases

Backpack flyers

Schools usually have a dedicated day when all homebound print communication is sent to parents via their students. Get the necessary approval and send home a handout containing information about your fundraising event.


Hang banners announcing your event in a prominent place in the school building and if possible, in the local community. Hang multiple banners, if possible! You can ask a local printer to donate their services in exchange for recognition at your event.

Announcements over PA system

Schedule announcements to be read over your school’s public address system in the weeks leading up to your event. Making the auction part of your morning announcements will get students tuned in.


Print informal bookmarks featuring your event details. Distribute them in classrooms, libraries, school book fairs, local bookstores, and other local businesses. A bookmark is an easy way to get a reminder into the hands of your students.

Set up an informational kiosk or table

The many events run by and at your school present multiple opportunities to spread the word. At parents’ nights, sporting events, dances, etc., set up kiosks or tables staffed by volunteers who can answer questions about your upcoming fundraiser.

Posters around town

Create a poster announcing your auction, and plaster the town with it! Post it at other schools, athletic fields, libraries, local stores and restaurants. As with the banner, see if a local printer would be willing to donate their services.

Announce in school newsletters and emails

Announce your fundraiser early, to generate interest, and keep the announcements coming as your event approaches. Be sure to follow up with a big “thank you” announcement, and let your community know how much you raised!

girlsAnnouncements at planned/athletic/community events

Get a list of all of your school’s meetings, planned events, schedules of athletic events, community calendar, etc., and plan to make a verbal announcement regarding your auction wherever and whenever possible.

Post “fundraiser updates” to your school and town websites

Ask your school and town webmasters to post a blurb about your event on your school district and town websites. You can also post to your school and town’s Facebook pages. Use social media to help get the word out, too.

Print advertisements in local newspapers

Approach your local media and ask them to donate advertising to help promote your school’s fundraiser. A mention in a local newspaper is a great way to grab your community’s attention.

We hope you’ll use these ideas as you develop your promotional strategy. These have proven to be effective time and again. Take some time to do your own brainstorm as well and add to this list!

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