BiddingForGood’s new feature helps nonprofits acquire in-kind donations

If you want to have a successful auction, there’s no question, you need a high quality catalog. You will need to develop an effective donation solicitation strategy to get the best items possible. There are many ways to approach asking for a donation. Of course, when you request an item donation, you want to go about it in the most efficient and effective way possible. Submitting your request online, whenever possible, will get you a faster answer and is more likely to result in a donation.

BiddingForGood has a product that allows businesses to easily accept and process donation requests online called the Automated Item Request System (AIRS). We’re now allowing our clients to connect with these businesses directly through our Auction Manager tool. Through a quick click of a link, you will be taken to the business’s item request page to submit your request. Your request is then submitted to the business online for a quick review.


You’ll receive an email notification to let you know if your donation request has been approved. Instead of having to work off of a spreadsheet, a word document, or a series of email chains, you will have a record of the donation request and a speedy answer. You will no longer have to waste time trying to keep tabs on the status of all your donation requests.

We are happy to be able to connect donors and nonprofits in this new way and to give you the opportunity to create a better auction catalog. If you want to learn more about running an online auction and how our new donation request feature can work for you, feel free to schedule a time to talk with us at your convenience.And don’t forget to check out “7 Secrets to Securing More Items for Your Auction” for more fundraising advice.

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