Ask for Support in a Whole New Way This Holiday Season

puppy1Everyone is thinking about giving during the holidays, and an auction full of fund-a-need items is a unique and inspired way to ask your supporters to give to your cause.

What are Fund-A-Need Items?

These items are essentially a request to fund a specific need your organization has. For example, animal welfare organizations often have expenses that need to be covered for their animals such as vaccinations or other medical treatments. Fund-a-need items are a great way for them to be able to ask for assistance.

puppy2The Guide Dogs of America is an excellent example of just how effective fund-a-need items can be. Their organization trains guide dogs that will then be given to their blind partners free of charge; in order to provide this service, they need to cover a range of costs. Their fund-a-need auction allows them to do that in a fun and effective way. Their auction includes items like Microchip for a Puppy, Post-Op Dog Care, Bark’n Boots™ Grip Trex™ Dog Boots, and Puppy-Go-Home Kits. In 2014, these items inspired over $13,000 worth of donations!

Why Are Fund-A-Need Items So Effective?

While asking for a general donation will certainly prompt people to give, knowing that their contribution is helping with a specific need makes a difference and encourages a larger donation. For example, a donor might be thinking of making a donation of $150, but then decide to give more when they see that increasing their donation to $250 would cover expenses for emergency treatment for a guide dog. Knowing exactly what kind of difference that increase makes naturally prompts donors to give more.

Make a Fund-A-Need Auction Part of Your Holiday Fundraising Traditionpuppy3

Like The Guide Dogs of America, you can make fund-a-need holiday auctions part of your fundraising every year. By adding on a fund-a-need auction, The Guide Dogs of America has raised at least an additional $10,000 each year since 2012. Their 4th annual holiday fund-a-need auction has just opened and will be running through the end of the year. Visit their auction here to participate and for fund-a-need item inspiration!

Looking for more new ways to fundraise? Download a Nonprofit’s Guide to Giving Days to learn how to raise more money with your very own Giving Day!






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