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Updates and Improvements to Our Site

We recently made some updates and improvements to our site. We redesigned the front page of BiddingForGood to make the site cleaner, simpler, and most importantly, easier to use. Here are a few of the changes we made: The Search…
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Profile of a Type B Personality Auction Chair

We’re all familiar with the famous “Type A” personality profile – the ultra organized, determined to succeed, won’t take “no” for an answer firecracker who gets the job done. But what about the “Type B” personality? Does a “go with…
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1980. What about you?

My Dad doesn’t have an email address. I’m not kidding when I say he prefers a typewriter to a computer. I’d put him on the extreme end of the spectrum when it comes to not being tech savvy. He’s 68…
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7 Secrets for Getting More Items

Whether you are stepping up to run an auction for the first time or are a fundraising auction veteran, this guide should help you construct a plan for getting the job done. They will help you whether you’re planning an…
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10 Ways You’ll Raise More Money Online

At BiddingForGood, we’ve been celebrating all the schools and nonprofits who have worked so hard to raise money for their causes. As of Monday, September 29, over $250M has been raised on our platform. We think putting at least some…
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8 Event Planning Mistakes

Your ability to run a successful fundraising event is directly related to your ability to juggle. Juggle details, that is. We’ve put together this checklist of eight things that can really trip you up if you fail to tackle them, or…
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5 Things I Learned as an Auction Expert

After eight years as a BiddingForGood Auction Expert, I want to share the five big things I know for sure about running an online auction. I’ve worked with so many of our clients, and I learned something from them all….
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Let’s Celebrate $250M Raised

I’ve worked for BiddingForGood since 2006 and have seen incredible growth in more ways than one. I attended a party my first week here to celebrate our 2,000th auction run. Now we’ve run over 22,000. I attended a meeting that…
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BiddingForGood’s Event Ticket Feature – Updates!

From time to time we’ll be blogging about some product specific ideas and inspiration along with our wide ranging content. This post covers some of the updates BiddingForGood has recently made to its ticketing function based on feedback from our customers….
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