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How Interns Became our “Auction Committee”

We welcome Guest Blogger Robbie Samuels who shares his first-hand experience running successful auctions with no auction committee. The biggest challenge many fundraisers face is building a quality auction catalog and soliciting good donations. Robbie has figured out a smart…
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Small is Big!

Miguel, my three year old son, at a total of 39 inches, could be considered quite literally a little person. Do you look at the size of a small person or his idea and give it the same value as…
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Moms On a Mission

Are you a mom on a mission? Do you know a mom that is on a mission? I speak to hundreds of mothers a month who are balancing life, work, and volunteering to head up the auction for their school…
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Face Your Auction Fears

  My two year old son Miguel loves all big vehicles, from tractor trailers to bulldozers to backhoes. Today were we were visiting a local supermarket called Rosebuds when he saw a backhoe and started jumping and screaming for joy….
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Get Kids Involved: New Ideas for Youth Volunteering

  What comes to mind when you think of youth and volunteering? Perhaps it is traditional activities like serving food at a local homeless shelter, participating in a charity walk or community activities with the Boy and Girl Scouts. The…
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