Goodness in Action


Gone with the Gala

My husband and I hosted an annual Christmas party for many years. Our friends had grown to expect that our party would happen every year with the usual boisterous singing and great food and piles of work for us. One…
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A Formula for Fundraising Success

One of the things we love to evangelize at BiddingForGood is the power of amplification in fundraising. This means reaching more people than ever before and using the power of social media to invite more people to support you and…
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A Word from Our CEO – Our Point of View

Folks, Because we have deep experience in the management of auctions we are often asked by customers how do we recommend they use our platform? What is our point of view? It is tempting to look at it from our…
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Let’s Celebrate $250M Raised

I’ve worked for BiddingForGood since 2006 and have seen incredible growth in more ways than one. I attended a party my first week here to celebrate our 2,000th auction run. Now we’ve run over 22,000. I attended a meeting that…
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The Fundraisers Make it All Possible

I am penning this blog from a conference in Denver, Colorado. It is the PMDMC. This is an annual gathering of public broadcasting stations from across the country and really is a who’s who of that business. I am here…
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BiddingForGood Today in 90 Seconds (Video)

In a world where decisions are often made by committee, there are always challenges in convincing your colleagues and team members to consider your ideas. Whether you are proposing a new venue or a new theme for your big fundraising…
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Thank You to All of the Teachers in the World

In addition to writing for the Goodness in Action blog, I also have a personal blog called “Remember What You Know”  Once in a while there is a blog that feels appropriate to share both with my personal blog network and…
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