Goodness in Action

Christmas Presents

Grinches and the Good Guys

Every week, we like to bring you stories about the great ways people are giving back to non-profits and charities. But this week, we start with a warning for you. The holidays are the most beautiful time of year, but…
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Help Your Bidders Have Happy Holidays!

As the holidays approach all of our lives get busier and busier.  It can be hard to make time to get to the mall or surf the net looking for gifts for your loved ones. Whether your list is short…
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girl out shopping

What Sells Best on Charitable e-Commerce Sites?

At BiddingForGood, we often get asked what kinds of items are best to include in online fundraising auctions to make them as successful as possible.   We know that dining and travel items are always top categories in online fundraising auctions and…
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Four isolated girls out for shopping.

Socially Responsible Consumer’s Buying Behaviors

We often may wonder how to become better citizens and become more involved in our community.  We may also think about how we can become better shoppers, making a difference in the purchases we make.  Giving back by cause based shopping….
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Do The Right Thing: Corporate Social Responsibility

As the CEO of BiddingForGood, I often get challenged on the topic of corporate social responsibility. The question is why do companies have any responsibility to anything other than making profits? Is social responsibility just a distraction? My answer has…
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