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A Different Kind of Customer Service

Customer service is often synonymous with bad customer service. Ask anyone about their experiences with customer service, and you’re certain to elicit an exhausted groan. A slew of memories of hours of frustration come to mind. You’ve definitely had a…
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One of my favorite theatre companies, Northern Stage, is raising much needed funds with a gala and mobile bidding on the BiddingForGood platform

Working for Good

Today I reflect on what it means to go to work every day at a company that is having a meaningful impact on our world.  Many of us toil in our respective professions and many of us can point with…
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Let’s Celebrate $250M Raised

I’ve worked for BiddingForGood since 2006 and have seen incredible growth in more ways than one. I attended a party my first week here to celebrate our 2,000th auction run. Now we’ve run over 22,000. I attended a meeting that…
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Customer Service team's attributes
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Welcome to Our New Blog!

We just moved in to the WordPress neighborhood, and we want to make sure that you stay with us and continue to receive all of the great tips and inspiration that we share on our blog each week. We’ll be sending…
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What a Difference a Year Makes in Mobile Bidding

I don’t know about you, but it is insanely busy these days at BiddingForGood. It’s high season for fundraisers. This means that most of you are likely somewhere in the process of throwing a big event. It also means that…
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Memorable Meeting Moments 2013

Every week at BiddingForGood, the marketing team meets for a marathon meeting. If something of note happens (usually off topic!) it is recorded as a Memorable Meeting Moment (M3). For quality assurance, not every meeting has a memorable meeting moment;…
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