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Happy Holidays from BiddingForGood!

Another year, another video from your friends at BiddingForGood. We wish happiness to you and your loved ones this holiday season and for the coming year. Watch our video below! Posted by Brian Dangelo


A Day in the Life of a Thankful Marketer

Tis the season to be grateful and to give thanks. Thanksgiving is one of my all-time favorite holidays. It’s a time of year when I give thanks and yes reflect a bit on what’s important. I think about what lights me…
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I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Smartphone!

If you asked me two years ago why I didn’t have a smartphone, I would have gladly launched into a diatribe about the slew of reasons I did not need or want one. Then about a year and a half…
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BiddingForGood Honorable Mentions Roundup

This is a brief roundup of some of the mentions BiddingForGood is getting around the web. It includes an interview with our CEO and chairman by a local fundraising consultant, a Hubspot recommendation, and one of our customer’s blogs. Silent…
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Year One As A BiddingForGood Employee!

My coworker Allison Lamb’s one year anniversary of working at BiddingForGood as an Auction Support Representative is fast approaching! I decided to ask her what her experience has been in her first year here. Here’s what she had to say!…
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The Wedding – A Gala By Any Other Name

Bells have been ringing indeed at BiddingForGood. We have had three weddings this summer-  Valeria, one of our auction experts, Sherry, from our sales team and Aaron who is our mobile market manager have all gotten married this summer. I…
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