Sharing the Goodness
Young businesswoman with megaphone

The Not-So-Silent Auction

Calling all event fundraisers! The day you have been waiting for has arrived… This is the big show-down – the battle between innovation and convention – and for good reason, you have found yourself on Team Innovation. So, let’s rock…
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Christmas Presents

Grinches and the Good Guys

Every week, we like to bring you stories about the great ways people are giving back to non-profits and charities. But this week, we start with a warning for you. The holidays are the most beautiful time of year, but…
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Leave No Item Unsold!

Your auction has closed, you’ve charged your bidders, and shipped out the items. All and all it was a great success! But you do have 10 items that didn’t sell. The question becomes what to do with them? Rather than…
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Top 10 Theatre Items for Online Auctions

It’s important to know who your supporters are when you run an online auction. They are your bidders! What are they specifically looking for? I majored in Theatre in college and have been a part of many productions and theatre companies. …
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