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Garage Sale or Auction? You Decide.

With thousands and thousands of quality items being offered and bid on at biddingforgood.com, we have a unique perspective on what sells and what bombs in online auctions. We have lots of tips on the best items to have in…
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How to Cope With Committee Conflicts

So you’re in charge of the auction committee this year! There is a lot to do. For example: Solicit items Build your auction site Promote Lucky for you, you’ve got a team of people to work with. There’s just one…
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5 Things I Learned as an Auction Expert

After eight years as a BiddingForGood Auction Expert, I want to share the five big things I know for sure about running an online auction. I’ve worked with so many of our clients, and I learned something from them all….
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How Interns Became our “Auction Committee”

We welcome Guest Blogger Robbie Samuels who shares his first-hand experience running successful auctions with no auction committee. The biggest challenge many fundraisers face is building a quality auction catalog and soliciting good donations. Robbie has figured out a smart…
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“Nightmare” on Auction Street

Running an auction or fundraising event can be stressful – almost enough to keep you up at night! People are always asking about worst-case scenarios. But knowing the worst case scenario isn’t helpful, unless you also know how to avoid…
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The Wedding – A Gala By Any Other Name

Bells have been ringing indeed at BiddingForGood. We have had three weddings this summer-  Valeria, one of our auction experts, Sherry, from our sales team and Aaron who is our mobile market manager have all gotten married this summer. I…
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Thanks Bro

Tips for Saying “Thanks!”

Your fundraising auction may be over. You’ve distributed items to your bidders. You’ve collected all of the funds, paid the bills. Everything’s done and time for a vacation, right?! Well, not just yet. I don’t mean to burst your bubble,…
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