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Take Time to Reflect

I am lucky to live between Boston and Vermont. I am especially lucky that when I am in Vermont, away from the fray, I am able to look out over my farm and my garden and reflect . It is…
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How to Cope With Committee Conflicts

So you’re in charge of the auction committee this year! There is a lot to do. For example: Solicit items Build your auction site Promote Lucky for you, you’ve got a team of people to work with. There’s just one…
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Get to Know Our Bidder Community

BiddingForGood has recently passed an important milestone. Nonprofits and schools have now raised over $275,000,000 on our site. And that makes it a good time to acknowledge and thank our wonderful community of bidders. The vast majority of them (93%) say…
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Make an Amazing Auction Homepage

When a bidder visits your BiddingForGood auction site for the first time, they’ll see your homepage before they see anything else.  Your auction homepage is your first chance to make a good impression with your bidders. If you don’t make…
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Benefits of Putting Your Auction Online

Whether you choose to have a gala or not, putting more, if not all, of your auction catalog online makes a lot of sense.There many advantages to doing it.                      …
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Profile of a Type B Personality Auction Chair

We’re all familiar with the famous “Type A” personality profile – the ultra organized, determined to succeed, won’t take “no” for an answer firecracker who gets the job done. But what about the “Type B” personality? Does a “go with…
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Feel Like Your Auction Is Running You?

Meet Jan Bruce, our guest blogger. She’s a co-founder and the CEO of meQuilibrium, the digital coaching system for stress, that helps both individuals and corporations achieve measurable results in stress management and resilience. Her new book, 14 Days to…
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1980. What about you?

My Dad doesn’t have an email address. I’m not kidding when I say he prefers a typewriter to a computer. I’d put him on the extreme end of the spectrum when it comes to not being tech savvy. He’s 68…
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7 Secrets for Getting More Items

Whether you are stepping up to run an auction for the first time or are a fundraising auction veteran, this guide should help you construct a plan for getting the job done. They will help you whether you’re planning an…
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10 Ways You’ll Raise More Money Online

At BiddingForGood, we’ve been celebrating all the schools and nonprofits who have worked so hard to raise money for their causes. As of Monday, September 29, over $250M has been raised on our platform. We think putting at least some…
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