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What Successful Auction Chairs Do Differently

They get started early Who is thinking about their fall auction in July? The most successful auction chairs are. They know that they need to start planning now. Organizing their donor lists, writing their donor solicitation letters, and creating their…
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Garage Sale or Auction? You Decide.

With thousands and thousands of quality items being offered and bid on at biddingforgood.com, we have a unique perspective on what sells and what bombs in online auctions. We have lots of tips on the best items to have in…
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5 Things I Learned as an Auction Expert

After eight years as a BiddingForGood Auction Expert, I want to share the five big things I know for sure about running an online auction. I’ve worked with so many of our clients, and I learned something from them all….
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BiddingForGood’s Event Ticket Feature – Updates!

From time to time we’ll be blogging about some product specific ideas and inspiration along with our wide ranging content. This post covers some of the updates BiddingForGood has recently made to its ticketing function based on feedback from our customers….
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Why Clipboards Hurt Auction Outcomes

Here is a post from Jon Carson, CEO of BiddingForGood. Question- what is the oldest technology used in fundraising? Answer- the clipboard.  And if you have a silent auction it is killing your results. Some background- The clipboard was invented…
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How Interns Became our “Auction Committee”

We welcome Guest Blogger Robbie Samuels who shares his first-hand experience running successful auctions with no auction committee. The biggest challenge many fundraisers face is building a quality auction catalog and soliciting good donations. Robbie has figured out a smart…
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Moms On a Mission

Are you a mom on a mission? Do you know a mom that is on a mission? I speak to hundreds of mothers a month who are balancing life, work, and volunteering to head up the auction for their school…
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Face Your Auction Fears

  My two year old son Miguel loves all big vehicles, from tractor trailers to bulldozers to backhoes. Today were we were visiting a local supermarket called Rosebuds when he saw a backhoe and started jumping and screaming for joy….
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Celebrating Auction Success: Fayetteville Lions Club

At BiddingForGood, we love celebrating the achievements of our customers. This post is one of a new series on our blog, highlighting success stories. We hope that you can learn and be inspired by these stories, which demonstrate the variety…
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