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Business deadline

How to Run an Incredible Meeting

Do you often feel frustrated after your committee meetings? Do you feel that you are not accomplishing what you set out to accomplish? What do you do when meetings seem endless or unproductive? First, you need to figure out why….
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Garage Sale or Auction? You Decide.

With thousands and thousands of quality items being offered and bid on at biddingforgood.com, we have a unique perspective on what sells and what bombs in online auctions. We have lots of tips on the best items to have in…
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How to Cope With Committee Conflicts

So you’re in charge of the auction committee this year! There is a lot to do. For example: Solicit items Build your auction site Promote Lucky for you, you’ve got a team of people to work with. There’s just one…
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One of my favorite theatre companies, Northern Stage, is raising much needed funds with a gala and mobile bidding on the BiddingForGood platform

Working for Good

Today I reflect on what it means to go to work every day at a company that is having a meaningful impact on our world.  Many of us toil in our respective professions and many of us can point with…
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You Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends

One of the special things about working with nonprofits and schools is the generous spirit that we see amongst those who toil day after day, furthering the good work of their organizations.  I would like to reflect a bit on…
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To the Unsung Heroes of Nonprofit Fundraising

Many of us think of the folks who work for nonprofits as heroes. We know them to be passionate about their work and generous with their energy and commitment. Nothing makes us happier at BiddingForGood than actually spending time with…
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Celebrating World Humanitarian Day

Monday, August 19th was World Humanitarian Day, according to the United Nations. The 2013 theme is “The World Needs More…” The day was created to commemorate “those who face danger and adversity in order to help others,” and “celebrate the…
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herb pot

Appreciation When You Least Expect It

This morning as I was settling in for a busy day at the office, with my endless to-do-list and calendar of meetings, Thomas, one of our sales guys, came into my office with a plant.  It was actually a mini…
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Face Your Auction Fears

  My two year old son Miguel loves all big vehicles, from tractor trailers to bulldozers to backhoes. Today were we were visiting a local supermarket called Rosebuds when he saw a backhoe and started jumping and screaming for joy….
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