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Business deadline

How to Run an Incredible Meeting

Do you often feel frustrated after your committee meetings? Do you feel that you are not accomplishing what you set out to accomplish? What do you do when meetings seem endless or unproductive? First, you need to figure out why….
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How to Cope With Committee Conflicts

So you’re in charge of the auction committee this year! There is a lot to do. For example: Solicit items Build your auction site Promote Lucky for you, you’ve got a team of people to work with. There’s just one…
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Don’t You Just Love it When Things Come Together?

We do. That’s why we’re very excited to share some news about a new partnership that brings together our auction management platform with the constituent relationship management system from FrontStream- FrontStream CRM. As we talk to fundraisers around the country,…
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7 Secrets for Getting More Items

Whether you are stepping up to run an auction for the first time or are a fundraising auction veteran, this guide should help you construct a plan for getting the job done. They will help you whether you’re planning an…
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Ten Fundraising Auctions that Rocked 2013

We celebrate all of our clients for their fundraising efforts, but January is a time of reflection for us. We look back on the year and see who has done an outstanding job with their fundraising. By reflecting on this,…
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Want to Be a Smarter Fundraiser?

It’s starting to feel like fall in Cambridge. Well it was until we hit an unusual heat wave this week! I walk past an elementary school on my way to the subway, and now have to weave around “crocodiles” of…
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top 150

2013’s Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs

Top Nonprofits aggregated a list of the “Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs” last month. The “Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs” list targets blogs focused on the nonprofit sector as a whole, rather than individual organizations. The list was compiled based on popularity,…
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Thanks Bro

Tips for Saying “Thanks!”

Your fundraising auction may be over. You’ve distributed items to your bidders. You’ve collected all of the funds, paid the bills. Everything’s done and time for a vacation, right?! Well, not just yet. I don’t mean to burst your bubble,…
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