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Make an Amazing Auction Homepage

When a bidder visits your BiddingForGood auction site for the first time, they’ll see your homepage before they see anything else.  Your auction homepage is your first chance to make a good impression with your bidders. If you don’t make…
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8 Event Planning Mistakes

Your ability to run a successful fundraising event is directly related to your ability to juggle. Juggle details, that is. We’ve put together this checklist of eight things that can really trip you up if you fail to tackle them, or…
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5 Things I Learned as an Auction Expert

After eight years as a BiddingForGood Auction Expert, I want to share the five big things I know for sure about running an online auction. I’ve worked with so many of our clients, and I learned something from them all….
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Are You Keeping Up with Your Fundraising Peers?

Here at BiddingForGood, every summer we take a step back and do some research  on the fundraising landscape. This year we took a look at the trends around nonprofits utilizing the internet for their fundraising. The data is all captured…
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One organization raising money on BiddingForGood this Earth Day is Saguaro National Park

Earth Day on BiddingForGood.com

Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day! Highlighted below are three organizations championing environmental causes that are currently running fundraising auctions on BiddingForGood.com. The Friends of Saguaro National Park is running an auction for the duration of National Park Week (which…
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You Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends

One of the special things about working with nonprofits and schools is the generous spirit that we see amongst those who toil day after day, furthering the good work of their organizations.  I would like to reflect a bit on…
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An Open Letter to Scrooge

Dear Mr. Ebenzer Scrooge, I know this time of year you are flooded with donation requests that you sneer at and toss in the fireplace while scoffing, “Bah, Humbug!”. I ask that you pause a moment before tossing mine into…
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