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Why How You’re Feeling Matters

A recent article in the New York Times, The Importance of Naming Your Emotions, explores the topic of acknowledging your emotions in the workplace. We’re taught that emotions should be kept at bay when we’re working. If you’re angry, tired, or…
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A Word from Our CEO – Our Point of View

Folks, Because we have deep experience in the management of auctions we are often asked by customers how do we recommend they use our platform? What is our point of view? It is tempting to look at it from our…
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One of my favorite theatre companies, Northern Stage, is raising much needed funds with a gala and mobile bidding on the BiddingForGood platform

Working for Good

Today I reflect on what it means to go to work every day at a company that is having a meaningful impact on our world.  Many of us toil in our respective professions and many of us can point with…
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Are You Keeping Up with Your Fundraising Peers?

Here at BiddingForGood, every summer we take a step back and do some research  on the fundraising landscape. This year we took a look at the trends around nonprofits utilizing the internet for their fundraising. The data is all captured…
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Celebrating World Humanitarian Day

Monday, August 19th was World Humanitarian Day, according to the United Nations. The 2013 theme is “The World Needs More…” The day was created to commemorate “those who face danger and adversity in order to help others,” and “celebrate the…
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This is NOT a One-Time Deal

There are many tools in your fundraising tool belt that you use every year to raise money for your school or organization. Many of you are BiddingForGood clients that have used our software and services for your online or mobile…
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Hurricane Sandy

Remain Vigilant and Be Prepared!

Residents of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic “should remain vigilant and be prepared to take action in the next few days,” writes Weather.com. As the threat of a Super Storm hitting the east coast gets broadcast from all of our favorite weather…
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