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Want to Be a Smarter Fundraiser?

It’s starting to feel like fall in Cambridge. Well it was until we hit an unusual heat wave this week! I walk past an elementary school on my way to the subway, and now have to weave around “crocodiles” of…
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Moms On a Mission

Are you a mom on a mission? Do you know a mom that is on a mission? I speak to hundreds of mothers a month who are balancing life, work, and volunteering to head up the auction for their school…
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Dads Make the Best Fundraising Superheroes

With Father’s Day upon us this weekend, there sure is a lot to thank dads for. I think about all the things my kids’ dad does for them. He really is Superman. He gets them dressed and feeds them breakfast…
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Teacher Appreciation Week – Start with a Thank You

“To be meaningful, teacher appreciation must be more than a once-a-year activity,” says Joy Underhill of PTO Today. I can’t think of anyone more important than the people who educate and watch over our little ones. I must be honest;…
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Top 5 Items for Private School Fundraising Auctions

Here at BiddingForGood, we are helping both public and private schools raise as much money as they can this fundraising season. We thought we would do some research to give parents/fundraisers some ideas on what sells best in school auctions….
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Should I Run My Online Auction For a Year?

Over the past few months, we’ve covered a number of strategies that will help your online auction succeed. We’ve covered the best types of items, how to promote your auction effectively, and how to take advantage of our resources.  As…
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